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The 590 has Landed

The new depressible road stud from 3M combines the superior brightness of microprismatic sheeting with all the strength and durability of a depressible road stud.

The elements are made from 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sheeting which ensures that light from a vehicles headlights is reflected straight back to the driver with little scattering and minimal diffusion.

Better visibility
Testing shows that in actual use, 3M Marker Series 590 depressible road studs reflect 7 times more light back to the driver than the requirement for a glass beaded road stud in a straight on geometry.  It's a significant improvement that could easily save lives, especially in conditions of poor visibility such as fog and heavy rain.  But even in normal conditions, this superior reflectivity means that road layouts are better defined, easier to follow, and helps road users navigate them safely.

Roll over the image to see it working at night

Long lasting
The reflective elements are covered with a self healing protective polyurethane resin coating - a tough barrier against scratches, abrasions and spray from the road.  The rubber body is specially formulated to stand to years of exposure through the toughest climates meaning that the 3M Marker Series 590 will delineate the road for years to come.

Easy to see, easy to install
The 3M Marker Series 590 is classified as a P3B*, and is the only depressible road stud which meets the reflectivity requirements of the type 3 road studs.  Yet it is as easy to install as the old-style glass beaded studs.  This means that there is no extra tooling or training required.  It's easy for applicators to go out with the old, and in with the new.
It all adds up to ease of use, superior performance and a better return on your investment.

Product literature
Technical information  

* Permanent road stud.  Plastic with abrasion resistant layer.  Depressible road stud