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3M™ Driver Feedback Sign

Monitoring traffic speeds and reminding drivers to keep to the speed limit has just got easier, thanks to a new lightweight Driver Feedback Sign.

The new Driver Feedback Sign DFS 700 measures vehicles speeds with a built-in microwave radar and displays the speed using 13 segment LED digits which are easier to read than the more commonly used 7 segment ones. 

Maximum flexibility
Weighing only 8.5kg the DFS 700 can be installed by one person and offers multiple power and communication options to offer maximum flexibility for mobile and permanent applications. The unit can operate from mains power for fixed installations, battery buffered mains power for areas with part-time mains power, one or two optional batteries for temporary applications or solar panel and batteries for semi permanent installations.

Data collection
The Driver Feedback Sign DFS 700 allows engineers to collate meaningful statistics which can be analysed using the user-friendly software supplied with the unit. The data can be downloaded using a USB cable connected to a laptop, a Bluetooth wireless link for PDA or laptop or downloaded remotely using an optional GSM modem, with a data SIM card supplied free of charge by 3M.   

To prevent reckless motorists speeding deliberately when they see the sign, a maximum speed limit can be set on the highest speed displayed. Similarly, a lower speed limit can be set to avoid the sign being triggered by cyclists or joggers or only showing speeds to drivers travelling faster than the set speed limit. There is also a limit mode, where a defined speed is displayed such as the speed limit  regardless of the vehicle speed.

With Recommended Retail Prices starting from £2,200, the sign is very competitively priced.

So next time you drive in areas with vulnerable pedestrians such as outside a school or  near and accident site, don’t be surprised if your speedometer isn’t the only thing telling you how fast you are travelling.