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Digitally Printed Traffic Signs

3M have developed a NEW range of UV digital printing inks that are perfect for the use on 3M reflective materials to produce durable digitally printed traffic signs!
3M have developed a NEW range of UV digital printing inks that are perfect for the use on 3M reflective materials allowing for digitally printed traffic signs for the first time in history!

For many years permanent traffic signfaces have been made by traditional methods such as screen printing and multicolour lay-up. The benefits of digital printing – flexibility, speed, quality – are well understood. But the industry has had to wait for someone to solve the difficult technical challenges. A system of inks and materials was needed to make durable digitally printed traffic signs possible.

In 2008 3M launched the solution to these challenges. A Matched Component System which includes digitally printable UV inks that print the correct traffic colours with the right level of transparency to ensure that the required reflectivity is achieved and maintained for up to 12 years. 

This unique solution combines the use of 3M Piezo Ink Jet Series 8800UV ink, 3M reflective sheeting and the Durst Rho 161 TS Traffic Sign Printer.

  • Unique 3M solution
  • Consistent print quality
  • Use of UV inks can eliminate VOC emissions associated with solvent inks
  • Reduction in waste possible
  • Ability to print on demand
  • Allows printing of several colours at once
  • Available on 3M prismatic and beaded reflective sheeting
  • Up to 12 years Performance Guarantee.

“[The Durst printer] has provided the consistency and productivity that we require and the quality of print is excellent.  Also it allows us to print several colours at once, whereas the traditional method requires a separate process for each colour… Our customers are very pleased with both the print quality of signs it prints and the exceptionally fast turnaround we can now achieve”
Paul Gorman, Supplies Manager, Morelock Signs
Read full case study (pdf, 933KB)

As a company, customer service has always been our number one consideration and anything that can help us to improve service is a good thing.  The Durst helps us to respond even faster to customer requirements
Chris Bradley, Sales and Marketing Manager, William Smith
Read full case study (pdf, 1,692KB)

The 3M PIJ Series 8800UV inks permit speed, ease-of-use and print-on-demand
Ivan De Coster, Production and Quality Control Manager, Janssen

Morelock Signs

Morelock Signs

William Smith

Durst Printer in action at William Smith